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  • Advice on Programming Online Casino Sites

    Advice on Programming Online Casino Sites

    Online casinos are becoming one of the most lucrative business industries in the world today. The information supplied in this article provides you with the most important things to remember when reaching the programming phase of developing a website and how to get the most from the whole process. When using online casinos such as…

  • Duties and Responsibilities of Web Managers

    Duties and Responsibilities of Web Managers

    Website managers can be described as IT specialists who provide vital services to companies and organisations that have websites. They manage business websites by overseeing and evaluating website functionality and performance. They also act as web hosts and provide services for website storage and updating and maintaining the websites. Some of the responsibilities that web…

  • What is Web Development?

    What is Web Development?

    Web Development stands as the main work duty involved in developing a website. This can either be for the World Wide Web or a private network. It ranges between many basic as well as more complex services such as web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. It centres around the non-design aspect of creating…