What is Web Development?

Web Development stands as the main work duty involved in developing a website. This can either be for the World Wide Web or a private network. It ranges between many basic as well as more complex services such as web applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

It centres around the non-design aspect of creating and building a website. Many large companies may have hundreds of web developers to follow standard procedures in web work. Smaller organisations only incorporate web developers on a smaller scale, or they only use a web developer for tasks that are not needed by the organisation frequently.

The web development industry caters to businesses who wish to use their website to advertise and sell products and services to their client base and the overall public. Due to a website not being able to exist without a web developer, it stands as an essential service for any business looking for a website. Without web developers, businesses will not be able to create online shops or productive websites.

Web development also takes into consideration many security aspects for websites such as data entry error checking, filtering output, and encryptions.

Some of the most used open-source tools used by web developers include LAMP, GlassFish, and BerkeleyDB. These open-source tools have provided an easy and cost-effective way for learning web development.

Web development has not only been playing an important role in eCommerce and other business factors but also in personal networking and marketing. Personal networking and marketing are seen as websites that serve as a broad platform for communication and social networking. Some of these networks include Facebook and Twitter which have become some of the most used platforms on the web.

Web development stands as an essential service for all online platforms wanting to expand and work productively.







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